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Raise ROI for your customers with an online experience that exceeds their expectations .

What you need to have an Online Store

  • Find a Niche - a Product or Service that customers have difficulty in obtaining from the stores. It can either be developed from scratch or an existing site to which you can add E commerce shopping capabilities.
  • Means of Accepting online payment - This usually entails obtaining a merchant account and accepting payment through an online payment gateway.
  • Marketing Strategy - for driving targeted traffic to your site and a means of enticing repeat customers.
    ( E - commerce can be a very rewarding venture given time )

How to build a successful E-commerce Website

<h6>Open 24hrs </h6>

Open 24hrs

A website is only a helpful eCommerce tool if it is functioning correctly. Make sure that your hosting plan is reliable and that it has the ability to handle any future needs your website might have. Your hosting plan should grow as your business and orders grow, and if your plan is lagging behind and delaying your shipping or curtailing potential sales, you need to upgrade immediately. Being skimpy on a hosting plan that is not suitable to handle the amount of orders coming in will negatively affect your reputation and lead to decreased sales figures.

<h6>Set clear goals on every page</h6>

Set clear goals on every page

Every page of your website should have a defined purpose e.g your homepage should entice users to click through your categories or better yet straight through to a product page. your product page should answer any lingering doubt users might have and convince them to make a purchase. your shopping cart page should simplify the check out process and have a feature like a follow up email that reassures shoppers that the transaction was successful. Keep this in mind when planning out the various types of pages that you will have on your eCommerce site.

<h6>Proper Display of Contact information </h6>

Proper Display of Contact information

Find ways to make it very simple and enticing for customers to contact you so that its easy for them to get in touch with you directly. If you fail to display your contact information visibly and they have to scroll your site for contact information, it could lose you a sale. Outstanding listing your location and phone numbers should be considered. provide FAQs, Product reviews, or comments for users to read as well as user generated content like customer testimonials that highlight satisfied customers that use your product.

<h6>Build Brand Loyalty</h6>

Build Brand Loyalty

Look for opportunities to bring users back to your website whenever possible. Most people shop online by visiting a number of different websites when searching for a particular product. Ideally, the more times a user visits your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. A great way to bring users back to your website is with timely emails that go out announcing the arrival of new products or seasonal sales. If a popular item is out of stock, you can also ask for users’ emails and notify them when you have that item back in stock. By doing this, you’re not only servicing their needs, but showing them that you care about their experience beyond selling them a product. Furthermore, you also have their contact information for future email campaigns.