Email Marketing

Is directly sending a commercial message typically to a group of people using email.

Make the most of your list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.

  • We use subject lines that stimulate higher open rates.
  • We use newsletter designs that improve click through rates.
  • We combine strong landing pages with highly effective emails for improving overall conversion rates.

Our Email Marketing Methodology Increases Your R.O.I

You will be able to utilize email for accomplishing your objectives and improving your online marketing ROI by considering email marketing as an engaging conversation between you and your recipients.



market-research-icon-8We perform an extensive research on the nature of your email recipients and facilitate collection of relevant information regarding your audience from the email signup form. This includes certain information like company, location and title. Asking for information that is useful to your email campaigns. Asking for too much information is a major turnoff and lowers email signup rate.


serviceicon-strategyMajority of the recipients only spend a few seconds in viewing emails when you need to achieve your intended goal. Information should only drive your recipient towards a desired action. Distractions like unrelated content and too many calls to action can get in the way of the users thus not accomplishing the intended goal of an email.

Email Design

email_designWe will find the best design and structure for your emails to properly accomplish your objectives and your audience. We will optimize your click-through-rates by combining proper placement of strong calls to action and the use of effective supporting images.

The objective of an email is to get clicks and increase traffic to your site. Of course, you need to meet the expectations of your subscribers once they reach your website. You also need to complete your conversation by using a landing page which reflects elements of the email so that user experience is consistent.

Analysis & Reporting Audience Research & Data Collection

analysis-icon-14We also perform a comprehensive analysis and reporting to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies. This way, the highest conceivable percentage of subscribers will open your email and click-through to your website.

The key to getting the best conceivable ROI is thorough tracking and measurement of results. We constantly track and measure important statistics like open rate, click through rate and hard/soft bounce rate. We also closely monitor the percentage of your overall traffic that leads to actual sales so that it will be clear how much email marketing is contributing to the growth of your business.