Pay per Click

Each pay per click management campaign is built based on years of research and analysis to better understand web users and different audiences. Digital media agency built pay per click campaigns for a number of different industries in the market, giving our experts the knowledge to build attractive campaigns which convert.

We utilize paid advertisement on search engines for increasing quality traffic to your site . We have a unique pay per click marketing process which allows us to create a campaign specifically with our client business goals in mind.



business-_analysis__consultingConstruct a comprehensive P.P.C strategy together with a project plan which clearly states deliverables & quantifiable business goals.

Paid search strategy - this involves re-marketing campaigns, Display together with ad copy, recommended budget, landing page recommendations and targeting methodologies.

Measurement planning - Establish quantifiable short & long term goals for evaluating campaign performance.



Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

internet_marketing_and_seo-01-512We work closely with the client in implementing landing page recommendations according to the paid strategy. Its therefore important to create a captivating landing page that come up with effective design which have strong calls to action for freshly defined campaigns

Campaign setup - Create or revise existing campaigns according to the paid search strategy.

Landing page implementation - Create or revise landing pages for the new campaigns while ensuring the implementation of conversion tracking and minimizing page load time.


imforza-icon-optimizationClosely monitor then adjust campaigns based on performance of the keywords, ad copy and landing pages.

Modify bids, ads and landing pages according to short term performance indicators (daily or every few days)

Implement global changes to the campaign according to trends identified over time (weekly or twice a week)

Analysis & Reporting

We perform both the Monthly & Quarterly Review