Search Engine Optimization

Digital Media is an online marketing agency based in Kenya with vast skills in search engine optimization. We organize your website methodically to increase its visibility to those searching online for the products or services you offer. Time & skills required to be competitive in the digital marketplace require a thorough analysis and strategy. Digital media agency conducts a site audit to understand the keywords your website targets, the quality of the content on the website, and internal linking strategies to identify required changes  and improve your S.E.O. performance.

Discovery > Strategy > Onsite Optimization > Content Marketing > Analysis & Reporting.





discovery-phaseAt the discovery phase we learn all about your business, website and competitors in order to prepare a better document that will be critical in all the other phases of the project. In trying to understand the client business we get the business brief that defines the goals and other significant information. We then identify potential target keywords based on the business goals. We also perform a S.E.O audit based on the analytics, onsite and offsite considerations, do a health check on your website and create a base line for ongoing website S.E.O performance. We then perform a competitive analysis by learning who your competitors are, based on the keyword research and study areas of opportunity and risk


off-site-strategyIn order to create a complete S.E.O strategy and project plan which clearly defines deliverables and quantifiable business goals.We  will create an effective plan that introduces changes to the website code and its content for Search Engine Optimization. We will facilitate in getting potential partners and influencers that can be utilized for link-building and public relations efforts, which support the project approach and timeline. create a schedule of content creation for the website, press release, Outreach campaigns and social media. As well as determine measurable short and long term goals for evaluating campaign performance.     

On-site Optimization

onsite-seoWe work closely with the client to implement the recommendations of on-site strategy & content strategy by changing website text according to the content strategy so that it will reflect the key words targeted in the document for keyword search. Change the website code based on the on-site strategy. 

Content Marketing

iconcontentmarketingWe propose influencer outreach and content sharing to our clients on the implementation of the project plan from offsite strategy and content strategy. Through creating effective, quality content according to the content strategy. Circulating information about the business of the client through press release, news and various industrial channels in order to increase content exposure which links back to the website of the client. We also strive to increase exposure of the client business by encouraging targeted users to share and discuss related content we are find potential partners to publish content on their website with links to the clients website.


Analyzing & Reporting

analysis-and-reportingDigital Media provides scheduled reports which includes an analysis of the campaign performance, goal tracking and then adjust the project plan according to results. We provide both monthly and quarterly reports. On the monthly report we provide the current standing of the campaign metrics, goals and tasks plan for the next month. on the quarterly report, we provide a complete overview of the campaign including adjustments to the project plan, according to the results achieved.